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Daily Multi for




Vitamin A

  • Promotes good version, especially in low light.

  • Aids in maintaining healthy skin and mucous membrane.

Vitamin B1

  • Helps the body to metabolize proteins, fats and carbohydrates.

Vitamin B2

  • Helps the body to utilize energy from food.

Vitamin B6

  • Helps the body to make antibodies.

Vitamin B12

  • Helps in the maintenance of the central nervous system.

  • Helps prevent certain forms of anaemia.

Vitamin C

  • Helps the body utilize calcium and phosphorus.

  • Keeps gums and tooth healthy.

Vitamin D

  • Helps the body absorb calcium.

  • Builds strong tooth and bones.

Vitamin E

  • Helps keep the immune system strong against viruses and bacteria. 

Everyday Multivitamin and Digestive Enzyme

Promote General Well-Being
Stimulate Appetite
Support Healthy Digestion

Biodiastase is an acid resistant, non-animal derived digestive enzymes produced by Amano Enzyme. Biodiastase contains Amylase for carbohydrate digestion, Protease for protein digestion and Cellulase to support the breakdown of fiber. Biodiastase is stable within the pH range of 3.0 to 9.0.

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VITASEN Daily Multi for Adults - Tablet
I'm a Tablet

How It Works

VITASEN Daily Multi for Adults (Orange) is a health supplement.

Product Details

Each tablet contains -
Vitamin A ........... 1835IU
Vitamin B1 .......... 0.49mg 
Vitamin B2 .......... 0.63mg
Vitamin B6 .......... 0.74mg
Vitamin B12 ....... 2.20mcg 
Vitamin C .............. 60mg
Vitamin D ............. 147IU 
Vitamin E ................ 11IU
Nicotinamide ..... 7.33mg 
Folic Acid ........... 0.15mg
L-Lysine HCl ......... 50mg
Biodiastase ........... 20mg
(α-Amylase 390 u/tablet, S-Amylase 188 u/tablet, Protease 380 u/tablet, Cellulase 1.8 u/tablet)

Dosage and Administration

Adults and children above 12 years:
Chew or suck 1 tablet 2 times daily after meal.

How to Store

Store below 30°C. Protect from light, heat and moisture. Keep container tightly closed. Keep out of reach of children.

What Pack Size Is Available

Bottle of 60’s

How It Looks Like

VITASEN Daily Multi for Adults (Orange) is a orange coloured, triangle and biconvex uncoated chewable tablet with orange flavour. No added sugar.

Delicious Orange

Where to Buy

Check out our official store at Shopee:

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